1. E-Wallet/Purchase Servers for FILLIT ICO
  2. Package prices for FILLIT ICO
  3. Contract within the 3 partnered companies
  4. Presale contracts period
  5. We created our new site
  6. website
  7. Websites completion and integration
November 2017
  1. Launch of FILLIT ICO private sale on December 1st (for 0.04€ per ICO)
  2. Video Promo about FILLIT ICO
  3. EMD license
  4. Preparation of the campaign for FILLIT ICO presales period
  5. Presales period FILLIT ICO (December 2017 to May 2018)
  6. Grand opening Prelaunch Event on December 22nd in Athens (presentation of the partnership StreamFlow EOOD (FILLIT), CAF solutions and FILLIT ICO prelaunch opening)
  7. Upgrade price of FILLIT ICO at 0.08€
  8. Second presale period of FILLIT ICO at the new price
December 2017
  1. New collaboration with the Prepaid Financial Services UK
  2. Establishing subsidiary company in Greece, named POSit
  3. Opening new head offices in Bulgaria and new sub offices in Athens, Greece
  4. Implementing of FILLIT POS systems, Alipay, payroll management
  5. Starting the distribution of Fillit Prepaid Mastercard® (Plastic and Virtual)
  6. Creating the FILLIT mobile app for ios and android devices
  7. Launch of FILLIT ICO public sale
Q1 2018
  1. Launch FILLIT ICO at the Exchange Markets
  2. New collaboration with the GCB card
  3. Payment Institution license
  4. Starting new offices in Turkey
  5. Apply to The Bulgarian National Bank for issuing of Forex License
Q2 2018