Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is ICO?
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a type of crowfunding, very attractive to investors due to the fast and high profits that pays back.
When will the ICO start?
FILLIT ICO will be launched on May 15 th 2018
Can I participate if I am a resident outside the EU?
The only countries limited by FILLIT ICO are the United States and Singapore. If you are not a resident / citizen of the United States or Singapore, you can join FILLIT ICO.
Will you hold another ICO later?
No, FILLIT ICO is for one and only time and will begin on 15 May 2018.
I am under 18, can I participate?
No, you are not permitted to participate in FILLIT ICO if you are under 18 years old.
How can I participate in FILLIT ICO?
You may open an “investor’s” account in order to purchase and manage your FILLIT ICO’s.


What is FILLIT token?
FILLIT token is a kind of digital share that can be sold or moved to encryption areas. With the sale or marketing of FILLIT holders, the beneficiaries can receive profits from FILLIT.
How much does one FILLIT Token cost?
The price of FILLIT Token changes per period.
How many tokens in total will be issued?
300,000,000 tokens worth € 0.04 each will be issued for the first pre-sale period.
What will you do with the tokens that will not be sold?
When entering the markets, tokens that are not sold will be burned.
What is the maximum amount of Tokens I can buy?
Your purchase might be unlimited! Buy as much as you wish.
What is the minimum amount of Tokens can be purchased?
The minimum amount of Tokens is 100€.
Do you sell tokens to corporate customers?
Tokens purchase is permitted to everybody.


How can I pay for tokens?
You can pay with FILLIT wallet, credit card, wire transfer, Bitcoins or Altcoins, supported by FILLIT.
How can I pay for tokens in cryptocurrency?
You can open a new account in the FILLIT wallet, select one of the suggested cryptos and make the payment. Otherwise, you can use one of the existing encryption in your wallet and follow the payment instructions.
How can I pay by bank transfer?
You can select the "Transfer" option in your FILLIT wallet and follow the money transfer instructions.
I have sent a Tokens payment by bank transfer but the amount is higher than the specified amount. Will I Get More Tokens?
Since specific tokens are available, your payments must be in the exact amount, otherwise your package will be paid and the balance will be returned to you.
Who pays the fees associated with the Tokens market?
All fees are covered by buyers, including bank charges, shipping charges, etc.

Token Trading

How can I make money from tokens?
FILLIT gives you a great opportunity to make money by promoting Tokens in the ICO period, up to 25%.
Why is the FILLIT Tokens market during the ICO period profitable?
FILLIT Tokens during the ICO period have a much lower value than the period during which Tokens will be introduced to the cryptographic exchange platform. Even if you decide to sell your FILLIT Tokens in the first trading days, you will still have a profit.
Where can I exchange my Tokens after ICO?
Tokens are available on a cryptocurrency exchange platform, which will be announced a few days before they are introduced to it.

Promoting Profits

Will I get paid to promote FILLIT Tokens?
FILLIT has decided to reward all those who will promote and sell FILLIT Tokens.
How could my profits from the sale of FILLIT Tokens be?
Earnings are attributed to Fillit's payment plan.
In what currency will I receive my earnings?
Profits are distributed by 70% to FILLIT Tokens, available for pre-admissions in the exchange and 30% to FILLIT Tokens, available for post-importation purchases at the exchange.
What is the difference between Instantly Available and Potentially Available after Importing to the Exchange?
The available tokens can be used just like the traditional currencies (EUR, USD, etc.) for your purchases anytime anywhere. The Potentially available Tokens can be used just like traditional currencies (EUR, USD, etc.) for your purchases only after they have been introduced to the exchange.
Can I change the currency?
Of course you can change your currency by selecting from the wide variety of Fiat and Crypto coins that FILLIT proposes.
Can I see the financial reports?
Investors of €30,000 and above can access the financial report at any time. Investors of €30,000 or less are not allowed to access any financial report.

Smart Contract

What is Smart Contract?
Smart contracts are Blockchain technology that will replace lawyers. Smart Contracts help you to exchange money, real estate, stocks or anything of value in a transparent way without hidden charges, by forcing intermediaries. Smart Contracts not only determine the rules and penalties imposed on an agreement in the same way as in a traditional contract, but they automatically impose these obligations.
Where can I get Smart Contract code?
For more information on Smart Contracts, please contact us at

Protection and Security

Who can see my personal information and payment information?
With FILLIT’s self-controlled data protection system, we do not know anything about the data stored on our servers. The user wallet is protected by multisig technology, which aims at
safeguarding and safeguarding privacy.
How do I know my data is protected?
Our zero access to data allows users to become direct owners of their funds and the only private key holders. They are empowered to set spending limits, daily limits and take-overs. FILLIT does not have their assets, they are the sole holders authorized to manage their own funds.

Reward Program

What is the reward program?
It is a reward program whenever an investor buys, sells or reinvesting FILLIT Tokens and / or promotes and sells FILLIT's additional products.
How can I earn my reward ?
You can earn FILLIT rewards by using the FILLIT wallet, selling FILLIT Tokens, using the FILLIT Debit Mastercard, etc.
How much will I earn with this reward program?
Your earnings are profits that are subject to FILLIT’s payment plan